My Hero Academia: 10 Things That Suggest All For One Is Deku’s Father (2023)

As one of the most popular anime of the moment,My Hero Academiahas engaged the imagination of worldwide fans, who were inspired to create derivative works of their own, cosplay characters, or even write music. With a series that has fans so passionate, it stands to reason that countless conspiracy theories have emerged, particularly involving the most mysterious villains of the series.

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One of the most notable ones remains related to the villain Dabi's true parentage, as he was correctly guessed to be Endeavor's son,Touya Todoroki. But perhaps even more popular is the idea that the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, is the son of the main villain, All for One. While this may seem like a stretch for some fans, there are many facts that suggest it may actually be the truth.



10 All For One Could Have Easily Held Hisashi Midoriya's Fire Breath

My Hero Academia: 10 Things That Suggest All For One Is Deku’s Father (1)

From the very first episode of the anime, viewers learnIzuku's mother, Inko Midoriya, is raising him alone. His father, Hisashi Midoriya, is working abroad in the United States, and according to Inko, he has an unnamed Fire Breath Quirk. Not much else is known about the character beyond that. All for One could easily have a Fire Breath Quirk in his arsenal, which he could have used to fool Inko into believing he was just a regular person.

9 His Job Transfer To America Could Have Taken Place When He Was Injured By All Might

Hisashi's job transfer to America is never fully explained. This can easily be for a myriad of reasons, as it's not out of the question that his father may have actually abandoned Izuku and Inko due to Izuku's Quirklessness. However, the theory of the connection between Izuku and All for One would explain this absence differently. Hisashi's departure could have coincided with All Might's battle with All for One.

During the fight, All Mightloses half his respiratory organs and his stomach, but All for One is also seriously injured. His wounds are so severe even his Quirks can't completely save him. He is thought to be dead for many years and relies on life support.

8 Izuku's Quirklessness May Not Be Natural

My Hero Academia: 10 Things That Suggest All For One Is Deku’s Father (3)

Quirklessness is very rare in the world ofMy Hero Academia. While it works well as a plot point, one cannot help but wonder if its causes may be different from what viewers originally think. With a villain extracting Quirks in the picture, the situation may be more complex. It wouldn't have been very difficult for All for One to take his son's Quirk before it could fully manifest, then claim Izuku was Quirkless all along.

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Izuku may have actually had a Quirk that was really powerful. Alternatively, All for One would have known how Izuku would be treated as a Quirkless child and took Izuku's Quirk to encourage him to become a villain.

My Hero Academia: 10 Things That Suggest All For One Is Deku’s Father (4)

Izuku's Quirklessness is proven by an X-ray of his foot, which points out that he has an extra joint in his pinky. This may mean that he was indeed Quirkless, instead of being robbed of his Quirk. However, Quirks are, in the end, all about genetics. Being a First-Generation Quirk user, All for One would have most likely had Quirkless parents. It would have been very easy for him to pass the gene to Izuku, far easier than a Quirkless child being born out of two parents with Quirks.

6 Doctor Kyudai Garaki's Presence As Izuku's Physician Is Suspicious

My Hero Academia: 10 Things That Suggest All For One Is Deku’s Father (5)

At the beginning of the series, Izuku is diagnosed as Quirkless by Doctor Tsubasa. While the character seems unimportant at the time, beyond the rather brutal way he crushes Izuku's dreams, later developments prove this may not be the case. All for One's doctor,Kyudai Garakibegins to become more and more important, particularly after All for One's capture.

While it hasn't been confirmed that the two characters are one and the same, the similarity is too obvious to be a coincidence. It's highly suspicious that Kyudai Garaki would be the one to examine Izuku, and his appearance lends even more credence to the idea that All for One stole Izuku's original Quirk. With Garaki's help, it would have been easy for All for One to hide the truth.

5 The Transformation Of One Of Izuku's Bullies Into A Nomu May Be Extra Proof

My Hero Academia: 10 Things That Suggest All For One Is Deku’s Father (6)

Not much is known about Doctor Tsubasa, independently of his connection to Kyudai Garaki. However, he does have a grandchild, a small boy with a wing Quirk that is part of young Katsuki Bakugou's group of bullies. This wouldn't be in itself interesting, but it has been more or less stated thatKatsuki's old friend is actually the Winged Nomuthat attacks Izuku after his confrontation with the Hero Killer Stain.

This is the reason why the Nomu targets Izuku in the first place. Considering that Katsuki is alive and well, it seems unlikely that All for One would punish a child for bullying his offspring, but the connection is relevant for All for One's possible link to the life of the Midoriyas.

My Hero Academia: 10 Things That Suggest All For One Is Deku’s Father (7)

All Might's mentor, Nana Shimura, remains one of the most important figures in his life, even years after her death. Her trust and assistance follow him all throughout his years as a hero. He is crushed when he learns that Nana's grandchild has become the villain Tomura Shigaraki,twisted by All for One for his evil goals.

Izuku's mother, Inko, bears some resemblance to Nana. It wouldn't be out of the question for Nana to have had another relative, and for the two to be related. If that is the case, All for One may have married Inko for the same reason he took Tenko Shimura in - to spite All Might.

3 Izuku's Ability To Channel One For All Is Uncanny

My Hero Academia: 10 Things That Suggest All For One Is Deku’s Father (8)

All Might is known to have been a natural withOne for All. Having been Quirkless, he used the powerful ability for decades on end. Considering that, one would think that he would be the one to unlock the true potential of the Quirk. And yet, that isn't what happens. The vestiges of the former users of One for All only awaken when Izuku has inherited it.

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Izuku doesn't appear to have the same natural talent for using One for All that the young Toshinori Yagi demonstrated. Some may argue that he just happens to inherit the Quirk at the right time, when the moment came for it to awaken. But there could be an alternate explanation. Once again, it is down to genetics. Izuku may share the DNA of the first two owners of One for All--All for One, who originally had it, and his brother, whom he gave it to. Through this, he may be able to connect to the Quirk in a deeper way than a regular successor.

2 All For One's Face Is Never Properly Shown

My Hero Academia: 10 Things That Suggest All For One Is Deku’s Father (9)

Throughout most of the series, All for One's face is never shown at all. He is mutilated beyond recognition, his whole face a mass of scar tissue. Interestingly enough, even after Izuku starts having visions of All for One's younger self, his face isn't clear. It is clouded in red smoke, many of his distinctive features hidden.

Hisashi Midoriya's face is never shown either. There aren't any pictures of him in the apartment Inko shares with Izuku. The two facts, put together, form a rather suspicious picture. There may be a resemblance between Izuku and All for One that isn't immediately obvious.

1 Kohei Horikoshi Is A Huge Fan Of Star Wars

My Hero Academia: 10 Things That Suggest All For One Is Deku’s Father (10)

It's no secret that the creator of the series, Kohei Horikoshi, is a huge fan ofStar Wars. He has even created art dedicated to it and has enthused overThe Mandalorianon more than one occasion. This is highly relevant, as taking the plot ofStar Warsinto account, one can see distinct similarities and possible connections to Deku's parentage.

All for One is not unlike Darth Vader, down to the mask he wears. Meanwhile, Izuku's determination and his struggle to become a hero are reminiscent of Luke Skywalker's journey and his strong sense of justice. All Might could easily be Obi-wan, with Gran Torino acting as Yoda. This might lead to the ultimate conclusion and the great reveal: Izuku will eventually have to face All for One and will learn the evil villain is his father, just like Luke did.

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