How To Make Bells Fast In ACNH 2022 - 15 Ideas To Get Rich In Animal Crossing (2023)

How To Make Bells Fast In ACNH 2022 - 15 Ideas To Get Rich In Animal Crossing | Money Making Guide 2022

2021 is coming to an end in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Many people may already be planning to find the best ways to get bells & money and get rich in ACNH 2022. Since Animal Crossing has had a lot of updates, we've had that 2.0 update and a lot has changed, there are some new ways to make most money and bells in ACNH. In this 2022 ACNH money making guide, we list the top 15 ideas to get bells easy & fast in the new year in Animal Crossing.

How To Make Bells Fast In ACNH 2022 - 15 Ideas To Get Rich In Animal Crossing (1)

How To Make Bells Fast & Get Rich In ACNH 2022 – Easy Ways To Get Bells

Check the top 15 ACNH money making tips to fast get rich in Animal Crossing New Horizons 2022:

1. Bell Boom Ordinance

What is the bell boom ordinance? Basically, if you sell an item, you're going to get 20 more bells just for selling items. Keep in mind that the shop prices are also going to go up if you turn this on. However, if you're doing a lot more selling than buying it's totally worth it.

2. Farming

The second method to get rich in ACNH 2022 is farming. You don't really need a whole lot of bells to get started with farming, and you have the potential to make a lot of bells. It's really easy to get started with farming, all you got to do is see Leif and Leif will set you up with all the crops you can get. You can also get crops from the mystery islands in the captain islands as well. Each crop sells for 350 bells each and if you have the bell boom orders turned on, it's 420 bells each. It takes about three days for your crops to grow, after that you can harvest them every other day. And the sky is kind of the limit with this because the more crops you have, the more bells you can make. And crops don't really take up a whole lot of space on your island so you can just like dedicate like a little portion of your island to having a ton of crops and you will make a lot of bills every other day.

3. Time Travel

The third way to makeACNH bells2022 is the time travel way. You got time travel one month ahead to generate bank interest. At the first of every month you're going to get a letter from the bank of nook showing how much interest you made. This interest does cap out at 99999 bells, that's like the max interest you can get.

4. Weed

The fourth method to make the most money and bells in ACNH 2022 is the weed method. So Leif can buy weeds from you for twice as much as the Nooks. Basically the Nooks will pay like 10 bells per weed whereas leaf will pay 20 bells per lead, so if you have a bunch of weeds on your island maybe you've been doing like some time traveling or maybe you just took a long break from Animal Crossing, you can actually pick up all those weeds and take them to Leif and sell the weeds to Leif.

5. Seashell

The next method to get bells fast in ACNH 2022 is the seashell method. Seashells are really fast and easy way to make bells in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This is one of the first things to recommend if you're starting from scratch. You can make some pretty good money for selling seashells. Seashells spawn every single hour on your island.

6. Hot DIY Item Method

The Nooks will buy a crafted item from you, this would be like a random item and they'll buy that item for twice as much as the usual price. So this could be worth doing if you already have the materials saved up.

7. Selling Items To Nooks Cranny

Another great idea to make bells fast in ACNH 2022 is by selling items to the Nooks Cranny. You can clean out your storage if you see anything your storage that is no longer of use to you, basically just sell it. You can actually make a lot of bells from doing this.

8. Bell Voucher Method

It’s harder to get Nook Miles than it is to get bells. But if you have a ton of Nook Miles and you don't have a lot of bells, you can always exchange 500 nook miles for 3000 bells.

9. Money Trees

If you ever notice the glowing spot on your island, you can dig it up and you can get some bells. You can actually put some bells back into that hole and it will plant a money tree. You can turn one thousand bells into three thousand bells or turn 10K bells into 30K bells. It’s not recommended to plant more than 10K bells because any amount over that doesn't guarantee a profitable return. So if you plant more than 10K bells, you're basically gambling after that. You can also get bells from shaking regular trees because the amount you get from just shaking trees isn't really a whole lot.

10. Money Rocks

Every day on your island, one of your rocks is going to generate bells for you. You can actually get more money from the money rock if you go and see Katrina on Harv's island and if Katrina happens to grant you good luck with money, then the amount that you get from the money rock basically doubles. Another thing too is to get the maximum amount from the money rock, be sure to dig holes around the rock.

11. Non-Native Fruit

Non-native fruit is a great way to make bells in Animal Crossing 2022, it's very similar to farming, it doesn't require a whole lot of. However, non-native fruit trees do take up more space than crops. So just keep that in mind if you don't have a whole lot of space on your island to dedicate a certain part to non-native fruit trees. Non-native fruit is actually worth a little bit more than just regular crops. So with non-native fruit, you get 500 bells per night of fruit, 600 with the bell boom ordinance being turned on. And obviously, the more fruit trees you have the more bells you will make.

How to get non-native fruit?Basically, you can get non-native fruit by visiting other people's islands, they have a different fruit than you have, you can snatch their fruit and take it home with you. If you don't have Nintendo online and can't visit other people's islands, you can also get non-native fruit from captains islands, the mystery islands, also your virtual Mom will send you a non-native fruit in the mail at some point in your Animal Crossing journey.

12. Blue Roses

Blue roses are an amazing way to make money in Animal Crossing New Horizons 2022. Just take a bunch of blue roses and you craft them in the blue rose reefs and then you sell the reefs.

13. Selling Bugs, Fish, Sea Creatures & Fossils

You can make the most money in ACNH 2022 by doing this, you can sell fish and bugs that are rare, rare ones sell for a lot actually. And the beaver named C.J. will buy your fish from you for 1.5 times more bells than you would get at the Nook's Cranny. And also Flick will buy your bugs from you for 1.5 times more as well. So if you ever see either of them on your island, make some bells, fishing and catching bugs is a pretty cool way to do that. You can also sell sea creatures and fossils, that's a good way to make a lot of bells.

14. Turnips

Make millions in ACNH 2022 with turnips to get rich. Turnips work exactly like the stock market, so you buy them at a lower price, you sell them for a higher price. The turnip prices actually change twice per day. You'll get a turnip price in the morning and you'll also get a turnip price in the afternoon. And there are four different patterns for turnips to look out for, the small spikes pattern, the large spike pattern, the decreasing pattern and the random pattern. So you can basically track these patterns, you'll know when the best time it is to sell. An easier money making method would be just to use services like the turnip exchange or use Facebook groups or discord groups.

15. Duping

You can duplicate your items in Animal Crossing, you can dupe any type of item full inventory's worth, so if you have like a bunch of real crowns or a bunch of Nook Mile Tickets, you can basically clone them and get another set and you can either sell your items and make millions of bells in ACNH 2022.


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